Thursday, March 3, 2011

Embroiled in Controversey (Already..)

Wow, we never saw this coming. As it stood a week ago, the WORLD group record for monkeytails held strong with 2 person group. Then came the 2011 Ithaca Chili Cookoff.

February 20, 2011, a new record may or may not have been set.

First we will present the evidence at hand, then the arguments. Here are the submissions from Schrecky (Unofficial King of The Monkeytail)....

New World Record?

THEORETICALLY, this is 4 monkeytails; beating the current record by 2.

TECHNICALLY, this is (a) 3 separate 2-person groups, (b) 3 official monkeytails and one "mini-monk" (a goatee with a handlebar lopped off), and (c) there are questions of proximity (the 3rd picture looks like it is at night and Schrecky is wearing a different shirt).

This is going to be difficult to judge. The judges at are reaching out to the community to settle this dispute. Please leave your comments and tell us how we need to proceed. Is this a new WORLD record or did it fall short?