Thursday, April 14, 2011

Way Better Than Portlandia

What do you think?: 
When first we visited Portland, I fell in love with it.  When second we visited Portland, I felt it loved me back.  When I saw Portlandia with Fred Armison, I wanted to break up with Portland.  Then Dan emailed us...

"After years of struggling with merging a beard to a constantly thinning dome I was thrilled to find the monkeytail! Now I can be proud of both my bald head and my rad new facial hair. Thank you monkeytail for making me beautiful again!!! Dan- Portland OR (the land of mustachioed men)"

We love Dan.

PS:  Dan, coming from the East coast we acknowledge only one P-Town.  You are not in it.  However, it would be FAAAAABULOUS!!! if we got a Monkeytail from P-Town.


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