Monday, June 27, 2011

Love-letter to Brian Wilson

Dear Brian,

We want you and that face so fucking bad we lose sleep at night. TomTastic has been waking up in a cold sweat dreaming of the moment his razor gently comes into contact with your face.  You know we were meant to be together.  Through your living room window, we see how sad you are, partying with 23 yr old groupies sipping Cristal from solid gold goblets in front of your 100 inch LED TV as you wade in your Olympic-sized living room pool (which we admit, we had never heard of before).  That big smile doesn't hide the tears.  You can't let everything go to voice-mail, Brian!  You know you want to pick up that call.  We know you want to pick up that call.  Do it, Brian! Do it!

Love Forever and Always (as long as you wear that beard),