Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Covino and Rich (and Spot)

Yes, if you ask nicely for a shout out, we just may gave it to you. However, we are extremely lazy and elected not to let Covino and Rich know we posted their entry. Our marketing team told us to say "less email = less carbon footprint".  Since we color print 30-40 copies of each post on non-recycled paper to distribute to our advisory team for editing, we figured every little bit counts.
Hey Guys,
I’m the producer of the Covino & Rich Show on Sirius XM Satellite Radio.  We’ve been talking about the monkey tail beard on the show a lot recently, so they decided to give me a nice, precision monkey tail beard.  I posted it to your facebook, but I also attached the photo as well.  We’re also working on a quick video of them creating the beard.  I’ll send you the link when it’s done.

Love the site! If you post the pic, let me know, and we’ll give your site a shout.  Also, if you do post it, can you credit the show and link to our site? (

Christian “Spot” Sorge
Producer, The Covino & Rich Show
Sirius XM Stars Too (SIRIUS XM 104)
Weekdays 12p-3p ET