Friday, February 21, 2014

Down The Rabbit Hole We Go

Well, its confirmed.  On 11/02/2014, the monkeytail will apparently be used in future collaboration with hot cosplay chicks and LSD to  roam around Disneyworld freaking out children.  We are 90% sure Alice here really wanted David to sport some weird "furry" outfit with whiskers and all this upcoming November, but David had the balls to respond, "Honey, no whiskers! But how about I do this......"  BOOM.  Cheshire-Cat-Monkeytail crossover awesomeness.  

You sir, are a Pio-f*cking-neer!  By the way, what are the Powerball numbers that week?

These guys were also kind enough to send us a link to their YouTube video, but the audio really, really, sucks.  HOWEEEEEVVVVVER, if someone were to re-dubbs it (in any ridiculous way whatsoever), we will repost the shit out of that video.  Here's the original video.....