Wednesday, January 29, 2014


This is Ed.  You know how we know this is Ed?  It's right there, etched into his beer mug for everyone to see.  Also, Ed emailed us and introduced himself as Ed.  So, we are pretty confident this is, in fact, Ed.

We love seeing Ed get out there in his Monkeytail and show the ladies at the local saloon what an Alpha Monkey looks like.  He clearly exudes the masculine features known to produce bio-chemical responses in females, indicating Ed as a choice for reproduction from tens of thousands of years of biological evolution.

Go get 'em, Ed.


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Accidentally Created a Monster ...and a New Group World Record

So, it's official.  We have created a monster.  We tried to ignore it. We tried to kill it.  We are part of it and it is part of us.  And we are Pio-f*cking-neers... together.  Maybe we'll finally get some "street-cred" in the "Bearding" "world".

Either way, and OFFICIAL(!!!) Guiness World Record Monkeytail gathering happened in Tel Aviv, Israel with 244 Monkeytails.  Your brothers at salute you as we wipe tears of pride from our eyes.   [Sidenote: C'mon, 'Murica.  Get your shit together.  These awesome Israelis are making you look foolish.]

Looks like they even hired a graphic designer for the branding of their event.  That is literally all we can figure out from the Hebrew(?) when we tried to research their protomotional image.   Many props to the designer, Tamar.  Check out his Monkeytail work >> here.

We found a blog with some great pics of the event.  These guys know how to do it.