The official home of the revolution...

April 28th, 2011 was a historic day for TheMonkeytail.com. An early morning entry by Geekologie launched the website into a (monkey)tail spin. Within minutes, people all over the globe were disgusted, mortified and disgraced - all the reactions we had hoped for. Our friends at Crushable even started a movement "Stop the Monkeytail," with a chant and everything. (Kill the Monkeytail! Kill the Monkeytail!)

When we started TheMonkeytail.com, we didn't realize we were making a website about men who take pictures of themselves in the bathroom, but behold, TheMonkeytail.com. Whether you love it or hate it, think we're hipsters or just total douchebags, we'd like to invite all of you- man, woman, child and beast- to get creative, click the "Submit" button, and show us your Monkeytail. Thank you all for visiting.

Thanks to Robby Herbst for designing our amazing logo. We love you.