Judges Choice Monkeytail!!!

We want to acknowledge those who have gone above and beyond to create the greatest Monkeytail they could and represent our community with the same prestige as The President of the United States would (certain Presidents obviously excluded). We look at every submission and gauge it against the best in their class. Someday, maybe you will be a champion too. Check out past TRULY AMAZING submissions here.

The current reigning champion of the absurd is.......(just do your own drum-roll, we are pretty low-tech):

This is what we are talking about.  Pio-f@*cking-neers.  Where the Ringtail put the monkeytail on the map, these studs are putting the monkeytail all over the freakin world.  Instead of shaving a tail in their face, staring at it in the mirror for ten minutes, and clicking a quick pic before their moms see it, these fly-boys say, "Hey, World.  We don't give a fuck what you think.  As soon as we get to the North Pole, we're gonna shave a tail in Santa's fat face, grab some dinner,  and go get laid....bowtie and all".  The pilot on the left is even demonstrating the Eskimo version of The Shocker.  Go get 'em boys.

Our flyboys here are true piofuckineers, taking home not only the Judges Choice, but also the Northernmost Monkeytails (Kugaaruk), the Highest Altitude Tails (27,000ft), and as Nate and Andy are in the business of rescuing people, they are the obvious choice for our Hero Tails award. Well done, boys.

Think you have what it takes to earn the Judges Choice? Someday all this prestige may be yours!! However, you will have to impress the hell out of us and probably embarrass your family's good name. Give us your best shot, and we'll be the judges!