Monkeytail Group World Record Holder

The nice thing about the monkeytail is that before this website, there was no such thing in recorded history!!  It is pretty easy to track world records this way.  Check out all the past "winners" here.

The record to beat is now 244!!! (holy crap)

Remember when the last Monkeytail Group Record was 26?  Remember thinking that no one would ever beat 26?  If you thought that, then you are a stupid, stupid, bastard.

You don't even have to believe us on this record.  We didn't have to believe them either. The Guiness F*cking Book of World Records validated that shit.  We are right up there with the World's Fattest Biker Twins and the Chick with the Disgusting Fingernails.  You can read all about it here.

So, now its time to get 245 of your friends together and beat this record.  Do something with your life.  Serious.