The Monkey Tail

Monkey Tail Grow Tents

Since 2016, Monkey Tail grow tents have been producing their unique brand of grow tents. As a family-owned business, we have built on the experience garnered by previous generations. Although our company has a deep heritage and ties to the past, we are committed to innovation, not only in our designs but also in the materials we use.

Why Our Grow Tents Are Unparalleled
Our Monkey Tail grow tents are the strongest on the market. Our commitment to innovation means that we are constantly testing and exploring new uses of old materials and adapting to new technology.

The poles on our tent are made from a titanium, beryllium, and lithium alloy. As a result, our tents are 500 times stronger than other grow tents on the market. Our dilithium fasteners lock the grow tent in place, ensuring the strength and stability of the tent.

Our tents have been shown to stand up to winds of over 275 mph. An angry wolf or a gnarly bear would not be able to knock our grow tents down.

Our grow tents provide a perfectly insulated environment. You stay cool inside when it is warm outside, and you stay warm inside when there is inclement weather outside. Aerogel insulation is the key to this perfect climate control. This starting material makes our tents heat resistant up to 600°. It is a non-toxic, ultra-light material that provides unprecedented thermal insulation. You can create the perfect growing environment all year long.

We have replaced the traditional zippers found on most grow tents with electromagnetic seals. Nothing gets in or out of your grow tent unless you want it to. There are other tents on the market that use cheap aluminum, plastic connectors, and thin steel poles. Within short order, these fall apart, exposing your crop.

This does not happen with Monkey Tail grow tents. We build them secure, so you don’t have to worry.

Tallest Grow Tents on the Market
We are offering the tallest grow tents on the market. Typical grow tents top out at nine feet tall. But experience shows that for many plants, nine feet is just not tall enough. Therefore, our grow tents go up to 20 feet, or two stories high.

Your plants can grow 75 percent larger without you having to worry about your plants outgrowing your light or outgrowing the indoor room.

Just think about the variety of plants you will grow now. Banana trees, certain types of mangoes, and other tropical fruits can be grown anywhere regardless of the season using the Monkey Tail grow tents.

We offer additional lighting thanks to our PH5 chandeliers. They can diffuse light horizontally and vertically. Our goal was to create a growing condition that cannot be matched. Your plants will feel like they are being energized from the sun.

Our grow tents are versatile because we know that the tallest is not always the best. Some of our shorter units offer the same features as our larger grow tents but at a size that is small enough to fit into a small room, basement, or attic. Regardless of the location or room you want to grow in; we have you covered.

Flat-Panel LCR Speakers to Give Your Plants Music to Grow by
It was in 1962 that an Indian botanist conclusively proved that plants grow better with music. Not only do they grow taller, but they produce greater biomass. This is true with flowering plants and agricultural crops.

It’s not so much the sound of the music that the plants respond to, but it is the vibrations created by the sound waves that produce movement in plant cells, which leads to the plants producing more nutrients to grow stronger and quicker. Hard concussive vibrations, like those found in rock music, were not conducive to plant growth.

After extensive research, we created unique flat-panel LCR speakers to line the inside of your Monkey Grown tent. These lightweight speakers have a thin profile designed to produce vibrations conducive to plant growth.

Why We Do What We Do
In a word, frustration. When we first started, no one sold grow tents that we liked. We had a small group of dedicated clients who were interested in growing food in their home all year round.

It frustrated us to see companies manufacture thin, weak, and fragile indoor/outdoor grow tents. They didn’t have the vertical growth needed to provide an optimal growth space.

We put our heads together and decided that we would revolutionize this industry. We started from scratch, identifying the criteria we would want the perfect grow tent to meet. We narrowed it down to a few things:

• Strong
• Quiet
• Tall
• Durable
• Well-insulated

We set out to purchase grow tents from the major manufacturers in our area. We tore them apart and found what we liked and discarded what we didn’t like. From these, we could create a Frankenstein of a grow tent. We were going in the right direction, but we knew we still had a lot of work ahead of us.

Through the years of development, we went through several design revisions and several patent submissions. We feel that the end result is a tent that defies expectations. Although it is modular, it has the look, feel, and the strength of a permanent structure. Whether you are choosing to grow indoors or outdoors, our tents allow you to create and maintain the perfect growing environment all year.

Why the name “Monkey Tail?” Because, like a monkey’s tail, our product is versatile, durable, useful, unique, and, most of all, necessary. We want every single grower out there to achieve their growing goals in the best environment possible.

We feel that we have the best product on the market today, but that does not mean that we have stopped innovating. We are a forward-looking company, constantly coming up with new designs and new ideas to help you get the most out of your indoor/outdoor growing.a

How To Purchase Our Grow Tents in Canada

If you’re like many of our customers and live in Canada and would like to purchase our grow tents, we have a couple of options you can use.

We do offer across the border shipping to Canada along with many other countries. The only issue we have had with this is delays at the borders.

Also, we offer a 100% money-back warranty so sending the tent back if you don’t like it or have any issues can be expensive.
This is due to the fact we do not have a depo in Canada yet. As a company, we are trying to keep costs down to save you money and can do this by only operating out of one warehouse.

So depending on the tent, you bought we may just ship you a new one, ask you to return it with full payment or the third option is to buy local.

We do have a contract with Canada Grows Indoors, which provides our grow tents in limited quantities.

You can see our tents as well as there other tents here:  Grow Tents Canada

I would suggest contacting them first to see if they have any in stock.

We are working on increasing our warehouses around the world, but in order to do this and keep our cost of the tents low, it’s going to take time.

We hope you understand what we are trying to do here, provide a grow tent that has a quality that that market has never seen, and at an affordable price.
As a company, we are more focused on improving quality then reducing shipping time. Quality and innovation are our primary focus. We believe we have come out with some of the best tents with the most innovation in the market today.

Monkey Tail Tents are here to stay, and we look forward to serving all our customers in Canada.
We ship to the following provinces with guarantee times of five to seven days.
New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia.
The rest of the provinces is a 7-14 day shipping time due to the distances and issues with shipping.
These times are all based on our average size of tents. Some of our larger tents will have to be shipped by crate, which in turn will take longer delivery times due to the size and weight of the tent.

Indoor Growing Is Easier And Faster Thanks To Monkey Tail Grow Tents And LED Lights

If you’re interested in indoor growing, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s easier than it ever has been. Thanks to Monkey Tail grow tents and LED lights, you can create the perfect growing environment in any space. Whether you have your own home or live in an apartment, you’ll be able to start a successful grow operation even if you don’t have a green thumb.

Choosing The Right Tent

Before you select a grow tent, you’ll want to look at the amount of space that you have. One of the best places to grow cannabis is inside of a closet. You should look at the space that you have and find a grow tent that is the appropriate size.

If you don’t have enough space for a grow tent, then it’s not going to work for you. You should measure the space that you’re going to be growing in so that you know what sort of tent you should be looking for.

Picking The Right LED Lights

Finding the right lights can also be a challenge. If you’re going to be growing in a smaller space, you’ll generally want to avoid overly bright lights. If you choose lights that are too bright, they could wind up producing too much heat, which will make it difficult for you to maintain the right temperature inside your grow tent.

It’s also a wise idea to read reviews before you make a purchase like this. The most expensive LED lights aren’t always going to be the best option for you. There are plenty of cheaper options on the market that will give you the results that you’re looking for.

What Else Do You Need To Purchase?

You don’t necessarily have to purchase anything besides the essentials when you’re starting an indoor grow operation. If you have soil, pots, a grow tent, and lights, then you have everything that you need in order to get started. With that said, there are a few other items that are worth considering.

It’s essential to make sure that the air inside your grow tents is able to circulate. Fans can really help with this. With the right fan, you can even simulate outdoor growing conditions.

Another thing you’ll want to consider purchasing is some sort of thermometer. This will allow you to monitor the temperature in your tent and make sure there are no issues. A thermometer can be an inexpensive purchase, and it can make it much easier to keep your plants in good health.

Soil nutrients are also something you should think about purchasing. Nutrients are essential food for the plant that you’re growing. Even though there are naturally occurring nutrients in the soil, there are other types of nutrients that you can add as well.

Do You Need To Buy Nutrients?

Ideally, when you’re choosing a soil, you should look for a simple potting soil that doesn’t have any extra nutrients added. You’ll want to be especially wary of soils that have artificial fertilizers added. These kinds of soils could actually wind up causing damage to your plants.

It isn’t essential to add nutrients to the soil you’re using, but nutrients can be highly beneficial. Many different nutrients can be added to your soil. You should explore your options when you’re purchasing other items you need, such as your grow tents and lights.

If you’ve been curious about indoor growing, but you haven’t taken the plunge just yet, now is the perfect time for you to get started. Indoor growing is easier than it ever has been, and it’s faster too. With grow tents and LED lights, you’ll be able to have a very smooth experience.