How To Purchase Our Grow Tents in Canada

If you’re like many of our customers and live in Canada and would like to purchase our grow tents, we have a couple of options you can use.

We do offer across the border shipping to Canada along with many other countries. The only issue we have had with this is delays at the borders.

Also, we offer a 100% money-back warranty so sending the tent back if you don’t like it or have any issues can be expensive.
This is due to the fact we do not have a depo in Canada yet. As a company, we are trying to keep costs down to save you money and can do this by only operating out of one warehouse.

So depending on the tent, you bought we may just ship you a new one, ask you to return it with full payment or the third option is to buy local.

We do have a contract with Canada Grows Indoors, which provides our grow tents in limited quantities.

You can see our tents as well as there other tents here:  Our Partners

I would suggest contacting them first to see if they have any in stock.

We are working on increasing our warehouses around the world, but in order to do this and keep our cost of the tents low, it’s going to take time.

We hope you understand what we are trying to do here, provide a grow tent that has a quality that that market has never seen, and at an affordable price.
As a company, we are more focused on improving quality then reducing shipping time. Quality and innovation are our primary focus. We believe we have come out with some of the best tents with the most innovation in the market today.

Monkey Tail Tents are here to stay, and we look forward to serving all our customers in Canada.
We ship to the following provinces with guarantee times of five to seven days.
New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia.
The rest of the provinces is a 7-14 day shipping time due to the distances and issues with shipping.
These times are all based on our average size of tents. Some of our larger tents will have to be shipped by crate, which in turn will take longer delivery times due to the size and weight of the tent.

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